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WARNING: Road Users Urged To Exercise Caution Ahead Of The Long Weekend in ZA

See most recent South Africa news on Gauteng Traffic Police who have have urged road users to exercise caution. This as many road users worried and …,,

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Update South Africa News: CDC To Launch COVID-19 Community Surveillance System Soon

Browse special important helpful ZA news in the Africa Centers for Diseases Control (CDC) and Prevention says it is launching a community surveillance system across Africa, to better control COVID-19 outbreaks. It is much needed for a better handled on the virus in dense populations. Visit South Africa CDC News

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ZA Blog News Update: Government took all measures to protect SA from COVID-19 Delta Variant Kubayi-Ngubane

Latest hot news in South Africa ( ZA ) about nation health officials who appeared before Parliament’s Health Portfolio Committee to brief MPs on the vaccine roll out plan, acquiring more vaccines and the Delta variant. See more information on ZA Blog News Service.