SABC News has been alerted to a so-called “Prophet” who preys on rural women around Taung, Vryburg and Mahikeng in the North West. The Prophet allegedly targets and lures women, promising to heal them by removing snakes in their wombs.

The perpetrator befriends the women on social media, gets their cell numbers and instructs them to record themselves performing sexual acts with different sexual partners each week, as part of ridding themselves of the snakes.

According to the women, it all started from a Facebook friend request, titled  ” prophetic deliverance .”

The SABC News team has discovered that the friends’ list of the seemingly fake account, is only women. Out of desperation for spiritual solutions to their problems, these women, unknowingly walked into a lion’s den.

They were told that, for their various ailments, they had snakes in their wombs, which got there sexually and will have to be removed the same way. For their healing, they were instructed to go scout for men and indulge in sexual intercourse with them. They had to do this, each week with a different man. They were to record the sexual act and send the video to the “Prophet ”

One of the women who is one of the ” Prophet’s” victims became aware of the trap and manipulation and is now willing to speak out to save others from the scam. Her name is withheld to protect her identity.”He said I should go scout for a man at the tavern that I went there and I got that man and I made sexual moves on him and he agreed to sleep with me but he was disturbed by the Prophet’s call giving me instructions and he chased me away. So the Prophet said because you failed to have sex with an actual man you will have to use a roll-on for sex so that the snake is being thrashed by the friction. I did that and I had to use the roll as a sex toy but it hurt my vagina and I started bleeding too much but I still sent him the video of the roll-on sexual act hee asked for and he was happy and said next time I need to perform the act with a real man and video record the act.”

A social worker says something needs to be done to stop such degrading acts against women.

“In this incident, we can confirm based on the paraphilic disorder or sexual disorders that this incident where the perpetrator looks at the victim performing the sexual activity, it is called sexual sadism that is inflicting the pain to the victim emotionally, psychologically and socially in the fact that that video will be viral. However, we also see that the perpetrator himself might be having his own problems of satisfying her sexual need when she looks at the video.”

Meanwhile, the South African Christian Ministers Council is enraged, saying such incidents rob women of their worth and dignity.”We totally condemn this in the strongest possible terms these ungodly, unethical and uncultured acts that are aimed at belittling the mighty name of Jesus Christ and bringing the name of the church into disrepute and shame. We urge our communities to report such bad behaviour of people claiming to be Prophets and Pastors to the law enforcement agencies as well as Chapter 9 institutions such as the CRL rights.”

None of the women have lodged a complaint with the police. But police are urging all the victims of the scam, to come forward and open cases against the alleged ” Prophet ” so that police can launch an investigation.

Spokesperson for the police in the North West Brigadier Sabata Mokgwabone says, “On the basis of the allegation or the information I got it is apparent that there are elements of criminality especially theft, fraud, and sexual offenses in terms of criminal law sexual offenses and the amendment act of 2007. So in this instance, it means the victims are more than welcome to open a case at the nearest police station.”

Women are urged to exercise caution on people who claim powers, with instant solutions to their social or spiritual problems, especially using social media.

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