The Dundee Tourism Association is looking into diversifying its annual tourism draw cards with sports events, to boost the industry during the lockdown.

Dundee is known for its annual July horse race as well as battlefields during the Anglo-Boer war.

The association’s Chairperson Naresh Gopie says the Dundee July must be used as an economic catalyst to draw more tourists to the town and create job opportunities.

“In terms of the recovery plan, what we have decided to do is that when we have events like Dundee July, we want to use sports events that will go with Dundee July. Prior to that, we can (go) out and do heritage trailing. We can do a road race. You could do 4+4 trail. So, we don’t look at the event in total isolation, but we add on to the event now. We have got to be smarter because the stock that we have is limited. We are coming out of date. We are looking at stimulating the economy in other ways and bring more tourists in the area.”

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